Our Projects

The Way has many outreach programs and more are being planned to meet needs as they are identified and to have a direct impact on this generation and the ones to come. Every one of our programs is designed to help make our community better and to help people see their true worth.  All of our programs revolve around what we believe are the four areas that affect every community the most:  1) God, 2)  Home, 3) Food and 4) Jobs. When these four areas are ignored, the next generation will repeat the same as this generation.

The Bible teaches the "Golden Rule" in Matthew 7:12:  "Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you."  We do our part to help people in need because we would want others to help us when we have a need. 

Our most visible program is our food co-op located in Sandston, VA. Our Food co-op program is currently our most flourishing ministry; we provide food for over 3000 people a month out of our small building . The food co-op reaches all across the city and surrounding counties. We provide 90 breakfast sandwiches every school day to the the inner city children attending Charterhouse School and pizzas on the weekends for the 47 children who live on campus full time.  Additionally, we deliver prepared foods to 14 senior communities, 9 in Henrico County, 3 in Hanover County and 2 in Richmond twice a month.  We deliver prepared sandwiches and pastries to the guests staying at Doorways while their loved ones are in the VCU-MCV Hospital.  Every Friday we deliver food to homeless veterans living at the Liberation Veteran Services shelter, and we also provide food for families living in a temporary shelter. 

Outside of our Monday through Friday deliveries, we open up the food co-op program to the community and we give prepared foods, canned good and dry foods to those in need. In exchange for food, they are expected to volunteer with us or with a church or another local non profit organization.  Instead of giving a hand-out like most food pantries, we give a hand-up by giving everyone a chance to earn what they need.  Instead of focusing on the needs, we make every effort to preserve their dignity and help them work toward their goals.